Market research is crucial in the marketing decision-making process, since it allows to thoroughly examine critical issues in order to achieve corporate success. Consulmarketing’s peculiarity is the ability to design and implement customized solutions that can be integrated completely with our customers’ decision-making processes.

This is possible thanks to the technological and methodological know-how of the group, and to the availability of a large structure of data collection supervising the national territory and all types of sales outlets. Our network is particularly trained and organized to give flexible and high-quality answers.

The strength of our network is enhanced by the fact that Consulmarketing collaborates with a team of experts and by the partnership with leading companies in market research, in order to offer customized solutions as well as the highest quality standards.

Market Report gives our customers the opportunity to know their target market, in particular in relation to its size and its development possibilities, and to know the actors involved, in particular in relation to their characteristics and peculiarities, through an easy-to-read structure describing:

  • Global scenario and benchmarks
  • Market and Competitive Landscape
  • Consumption and consumer’s habits
  • Supply chain structure
  • Advertising and promotional investments

    The possibility of a high level of personalization according to specific needs .

  • and the ease of use, combined with all the others features of the product, have led to its success in the market. More than 100 markets are analyzed according to the Market Report methodology and are periodically reviewed in order to provide customers with a dynamic and up-to-date analysis tool.

    Online market research is a source of information and analysis that allows an immediate, comprehensive and detailed overview of consumers’ habits and scenarios’ evolution. For this reason, this method is now increasingly recognized.

    Thanks to the collaboration with our partner Sphinx, Istituto di Ricerca e Software House,our customers can easily and rapidly conduct surveys, quizzes, online surveys, question the target, collect answers and analyze data in real time.

    The projects consist of a mix of research and marketing so as to create added value and to enable real competitive advantage through customer satisfaction surveys, climate analysis, and monitoring of selected panels that are clustered for a specific tailored target.